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Open for Inspection

9.30AM to 1:00 PM

Monday – Saturday excluding public holidays and peak periods

No Appointment Necessary

Office: 7.30AM - 4:00PM
Monday - Saturday
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Vet Services

24-Hour Attention

We offer 24-hour veterinary attention. Any animal needing veterinary treatment during its stay will be taken to the veterinary surgeon nominated by management. All veterinary surgeon charges will be paid by the animal’s owner. Charges for transportation to or from any such surgery will depend on distance travelled.


A current distemper, hepatitis, parvo and kennel cough vaccination certificate is required in respect of your dog. A current cat flu feline enteritis certificate is required in respect of your cat. Certificates are valid for 12 months & must be presented to show they are current until their next due update.

Upon Arrival

The animal presented shall be in a healthy condition and all illnesses and allergies must be declared. Each animal accepted is subject to a thorough check for cleanliness and general condition.

If cleaning or delousing is necessary before admission, there will be a charge.

If tapeworm or roundworm is detected in any animal, treatment will be afforded and charges will be according to dosage required. If management feels that other worms are present a sample of stool will be examined by our veterinarian and treatment will be directed.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to any animal we believe may present unreasonable risk to our other guests and/or to our staff.

Grooming before admission will be charged on time spent. Individual grooming charges during accommodation will be advised where applicable.


We are sure your pet will have a marvellous holiday, however to ensure your complete satisfaction, please feel free to ring 03 9436 1307 with any further enquires, or see Gary, Robyn or one of our friendly staff upon arrival.

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