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Best Dog Boarding in Melbourne

For owners going away on a holiday, for work or other reasons, Sparrows in the Treetop offers both short and long term boarding for dogs of all types and breeds. Located within scenic gardens, our dog kennels have been spaciously built and are hygienic, comfortable and naturally lit.

The dogs we look after are exercised twice a day. For bigger dogs we have a large exercise area which includes a quarter of an acre grass space. The time for each exercising session varies, as it is based on the animal’s requirement and capabilities. For instance, if we are looking after an older corgi they will most likely not wish to be exercising for long. Likewise, a young kelpie with almost unlimited energy will want to run around for a full 20 minutes or more. The team at Sparrows in the Treetop takes this all into account as part of our complete dog friendly accommodation services.

For each pet staying at our dog kennels , we take down a history of what it eats at home and if it is on a special diet, and if we don’t have that type of food available, we will ask the owner to provide it during its stays with us. We also do our best to meet any pet’s special needs as per request by the owner.

Short and Long Term Stays

Sparrows in the Treetop prioritises pet welfare. To ensure we maintain a healthy pet boarding community, owners need to show us their dog´’s current vaccination certificate upon admission.

When owners are going to leave their dogs with us for a lengthy period of time, we also encourage them to leave their pets with us for a weekend or overnight just so the animal can become familiar with the routines at our dog friendly accommodation .

To assist owners and make their life easier, Sparrows in the Treetop has a pet pickup and delivery service for select areas of Melbourne on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 6am and 9am.

Sparrows in the Treetop aims to make each of our customers´ pets feel right at home. To find out more about our pet boarding services , call us on 03 9436 1307 .