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9.30AM to 1:00 PM

Monday – Saturday excluding public holidays and peak periods

No Appointment Necessary

Office: 7.30AM - 4:00PM
Monday - Saturday
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Best Dog Boarding Kennels in Melbourne


When you need to leave home, you want your dog to have the best care possible while you’re away, Melbourne’s finest cattery and dog kennel – Sparrows in the Treetop – provides you with just that.

Situated in leafy Yarrambat in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, we make the best use of our attractive grounds and facilities to make your dog feel at home.

Our dog kennels have been spaciously built and are hygienic, comfortable and naturally lit.


Why choose us?

  • You have the option of kennels that are temperature controlled to 21 degrees creating an optimal environment for your beloved pet. No matter the season these kennels are air conditioned, heated and insulated for your dog’s comfort. Book early to avoid missing out on our temperature controlled kennels during peak seasons.
  • We have a spacious exercise area where dogs run and play twice daily. It’s just part of our efforts in creating a happy and healthy environment for your pet. For bigger dogs we have a large exercise area which includes a circa half an acre grass space. The time for each exercising session varies, as it is based on the animal’s requirement and capabilities.
  • Complimentary wash and groom for your dog when they stay 3 or more nights. We will wash and groom them on the day prior to departure as part of our service. If you wish to extend this to cover clipping and pedicure etc. we can arrange these services via our external grooming provider for a pre-arranged fee.
  • We have a 24-hour veterinary service if required. Any animal needing veterinary treatment during its stay will be taken to the veterinary surgeon nominated by management. All veterinary surgeon charges will be paid by the animal’s owner.
  • No charge for collection day. Additionally we offer late check out up to 3.30pm.
  • We offer both overnight, short term and extended stay boarding for dogs of all types and breeds. When owners are going to leave their dogs with us for a lengthy period of time, we also encourage them to leave their pets with us for a weekend or overnight just so the animal can become familiar with the routines at our dog friendly accommodation.
  • We have a pet transport service, to assist owners and make their life easier. We offer pickup and delivery service for select areas of Melbourne including bayside and inner city, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 6:00am and 9:00am.
  • We offer a personalised service, treating your dog like a extra family member. We take down a history of what it eats at home and if it is on a special diet, and if we don’t have that type of food available, we will ask the owner to provide it during its stay with us. We also do our best to meet any pet’s special needs as requested by the owner.
  • No hidden charges. We offer a flat per night fee.


To find out more about our dog boarding services, call us on 03 9436 1307. Alternatively book your dog’s stay online now.

Sparrows In The Tree Top
Sparrows In The Tree Top
Sparrows In The Tree Top
Sparrows In The Tree Top
Sparrows In The Tree Top
Sparrows In The Tree Top

Upon Arrival

Upon arrival at our dog boarding kennel, please use our parking area and ensure your dog is on a lead. If this is not possible seek assistance from one of our staff.

All the animals are welcomed and thoroughly checked so we have a good understanding of their condition and health. We also record any dietary issues or certain medical requirements and what’s more we will also do our best to meet any individual requirements that your dog may have.

Sparrows in the Treetop prioritises pet welfare. To ensure we maintain a healthy pet boarding community, owners need to show us their dog’s current vaccination certificate upon admission. Each animal accepted is subject to a thorough check for cleanliness and general condition. If cleaning or delousing is necessary before admission, there will be a charge.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to any animal we believe may present unreasonable risk to our other guests and/or to our staff.


Late Pick Up

Our rate policies are on a per night basis with late check out, right up to 3:30pm (closed Sundays and public holidays) so you can relax when you get home.

Your pet will be ready for collection on the day you nominate from 7:30am. There is no need for to you call to check this unless you have returned early from your commitment/break.

If you intend to collect your pet earlier than your advised date, please provide us with at least 24 hours notice, and more if possible in peak periods, so that we can ensure grooming is performed to our exacting standards.

Please note that dates and services booked during school holiday periods are enforced whether used or not. This especially applies at Christmas/New Year and Easter holiday periods.

For the welfare of your pet, we ask that you advise us if your intention is to collect your pet’s after 2:00pm. Dogs and cats are usually not fed on collection day to prevent travel sickness and to minimise the potential for deposits in your vehicle.


Our Staff

The staff at Sparrows in the Treetop are all qualified, competent and love the animals that they care for. We are committed to the well-being of pets and the peace of mind of their owners.

Along with any requirements you may have, among the things our staff can do are:

  • Pet walking
  • Rehabilitation assistance
  • Administer medication


Further Information

Owners, using our services, have peace of mind knowing that their four legged friend is in the best of hands and that they will be properly looked after and cared for.

We are based in Yarrambat in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. It is close to Doreen, Diamond Creek, Eltham, Whittlesea, Mernda, Epping, Greensborough, South Morang, and Bundoora.

To find out more about our dog boarding services, call us on 03 9436 1307 or book now online.

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